about  "d design travel"

【 d design travel 】
"d design travel" is a series of travel guides that introduces Japanese prefectures from the perspective of long-lasting design. The editorial team spends two months living and traveling in the prefecture to find places that are unique to it. The guides are written honestly and only feature places and things the editorial team found moving.


【 A Few Thoughts Regarding the Publication of This Series 】
I believe that a “design perspective” will become extremely important for future generations, and indeed people of all generations, to interact with all areas of Japan. By“design perspective,” I mean an imagination, which discerns what has substance and will endure, and allows users to easily understand and enjoy innovations. I feel that now, more than ever, a new kind of guide book with a “design perspective” is needed. Therefore, we will publish a guide to each of Japan’s 47 prefectures. The guidebooks will be composed, researched, and edited identically and be similar in volume.

Kenmei Nagaoka Founder, d design travel


【 Our editorial concept: 】
- Any business or product we recommend will first have been purchased or used at the researchers’ own expense. That is to say, the writers have all actually spent the night in at the inns, eaten at the restaurants, and purchased the products they recommend.

- We will not recommend some thing unless it moves us. The recommendations will be written sincerely and in our own words.

- If something or some service is wonderful, but not without problems, we will point out the problems while recommending it.

- The businesses we recommend will not have editorial influence. Their only role in the publications will be fact checking.

- We will only pick up things deemed enduring from the “long life design” perspective.

- We will not enhance photographs by using special lenses. We will capture things as they are.

- We will maintain a relationship with the places and people we pick up after the publication of the guidebook in which they are featured.


【 Our selection criteria: 】
- The business or product is uniquely local.
- The business or product communicates an important local message.
- The business or product is operated or produced by local people.
- The product or services are reasonably priced.
- The business or product is innovatively designed.



【 A design goods store featuring works from the 47 prefectures of Japan 】

"d47 design travel store" is located on the 8th floor in Shibuya Hikarie (Tokyo). It is a store that sells and promotes various examples of Japanese craftsmanship encountered by the editorial team of "d design travel" during their tour of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Visitors can not only buy the series and items but also browse design tourism information.
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D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT was founded by designer Kenmei Nagaoka in 2000. Its activities, ranging from shops and galleries to publishing and workshops, are based on the theme "Long-Lasting Design", and try to convey to consumers the characteristics of land and people in each prefecture from the design viewpoint.


【 D&DEPARTMENT Shop List 】
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